Tired of a multitude of spam related issues? Check out Spam Vault, our ultimate spam beating tool

The CCS Spam Vault stops spam before it even hits your mail server

We offer full turnkey anti-spam solutions developed in-house, hosted by us and designed to remove the piles of junk mail clogging your inbox. Our system works by filtering your mail before it even reaches your mail server. It works with virtually all email servers and handles multiple domains with ease. It allows you to create your own white-lists, review all blocked messages, restore mail at will and you can manage individual preferences through an easy-to-use web interface.

99% Spam filtering straight out of the box

The Spam Vault provides 99% accurate spam filtering right out of the box. Sophisticated score-based filtering rules are applied to every message. Based on this score emails are assigned into one of three buckets: Good, Possible Junk and Junk. From there you can set your own rules, white-list users and domains and filter for specific words or phrases.

Extensive reports and notifications

Server reports that show you how many emails you are received in a day, week, month and year. It also shows you a ratio of junk and good messages. Administrators can find out who gets most emails in the company and who gets the least. Users can set their own times for automatic reports that summarise a list of junk email that has been quarantined.

Backup mail server

In addition to ridding you of spam, the Vault also acts as a backup mail server. Should your mail server or your ISP’s mail server fail, the Vault will store all of your incoming mail and forward it on automatically when your mail server is back up and running. For yet more security, we also offer a secondary relay filter should ours ever fail. In short, your mail is safe.

We set it up for you

Implementation is simple and is handled by us at no extra cost. We simply re-route your email through our Vault and then forward the non-spam ones onto you. You can be up and running in no time.

UK based support

We are a Derby based company offering a telephone helpdesk service during weekday business hours. If you have a problem, you can talk directly us.

Try it for free

You are welcome to trial the Spam Vault for a month, for free, with absolutely no obligation. You have nothing to lose…. except a lot of junk mail.

We are excited to showcase the ultimate SPAM beating tool, developed in house. Click to find out more…