CCS Private Cloud Networks

There is a growing trend for businesses to move their office processing to the cloud. This can save huge amounts of money in hardware costs and save significant time in management and maintenance. In many cases, cloud computing represents a faster, more reliable, safer, more mobile and cheaper IT solution compared to conventional office-based hardware.

You Specify Functionality And We Deliver

If required, Complete Computer Solutions can move your entire existing infrastructure into the cloud. This is especially helpful and cost-effective if you are about to invest in new hardware and software. Often, legacy systems which a business relies on (but cannot easily replace) can be replicated and placed on the cloud, thus ensuring you can use it for years to come.

Whatever you need, we can build, manage and support

Cloud networks can vary in size from a single PC to a full-blown client server network with integrated firewalls and phone systems. Each one is unique to the business requirement. Please feel free to call and discuss your particular requirements with absolutely no obligation.