CCS Virtualisation

Virtualisation is a generic term for cloning a PC or server and placing it in a “virtual” environment.

Virtualisation allows businesses to run multiple computers or operating systems within one single machine. This can garner major cost savings in both hardware procurement and maintenance. In many cases we have virtualised old legacy systems that customers rely upon but cannot purchase new systems or migrate old ones. This allows them to run old systems on new hardware.

Seamless Integration

The latest example of virtualisation we have undertaken was for a customer who was unable to upgrade or replace a 12 year old Linux server loaded with historical customer information they simply could not afford to lose. The server was on its last legs and the software was no longer available. Simply put, we created a virtual image of the server and imported it into a Windows 7 virtual environment. In effect, the customer is now running two machines within one. The new virtual machine is now faster, more stable and they can now back up their data.

Virtualisation requirements are specific to business needs so please feel free to call us and discuss your requirements without obligation.