CCS Backup Solutions

Complete Computer Solutions provides your business with fast, reliable, safe and effortless online backups. The cost is relative to the amount of data you store and all data is stored on secure UK based servers. You can specify how many versions of data you keep and restoring files is a breeze.

We Look After You Every Step Of The Way

We look after you every step of the way from set up to day-to-day monitoring of your backups. We are notified immediately if there are any problems and your backup logs are checked daily by a member of staff. If there are any problems, we notify you and help solve your problems.


  • Your precious data is always stored offsite
  • Never worry about changing tapes or disks
  • Fully Automatic
  • Fully managed

Your Data Is In Safe Hands With Us

If you prefer a in-house approach to backups we can recommend strategies and best-practice to keep your data safe. If your data is in the cloud, we can also manage your backup strategy.

Each business is different so please feel free to call and discuss your requirements with absolutely no obligation.